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Love Your Pet Day Giveaway

Pet Contest

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day, and at Runway Games, we love our pets. Who doesn’t love their fury (or scaly) family members?

In honor of love your pet day, Runway Games is doing a contest giveaway for a Red Sea Exodus t-shirt and other customized items. We will be selected the ugliest pet, and the cutest pet. To enter, send us a photo of your pet and all its glory. You may either contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or email info@runway-games.com. You have until the 19th! Get snapping!


Ready for an Ad-Free Experience? A New Version of Solar Roller is on the Market!


We are pleased to announce some changes for Solar Roller! This version is NO ADS and ALL PLAY. Now you can enjoy countless rounds of planetary goodness without having to wait through those pesky advertisements.

Get your version today on your Android device.

Coming soon to iOS.

We Liked the Concept, but We Were Floored When We Saw the Results


Have you seen our t-shirts yet? So do we! We gave our designer an idea, and he turned it into reality. Who doesn’t want a removable Moses beard, after all. As promised, we will be sending free shirts to our Beta testers for Red Sea Exodus.

Were you a Beta tester and want a chance to get EXCLUSIVE access to our next game? Would you like to see our development process? Take a picture wearing one of our shirts and post it to us on social media to enter for a chance to get access to our test-flight applications. We upload our games during development for in-house testing before it’s ever released. Watch the game grow and flourish and become an essential part of its creation process.

Guest Post: Finding the Secret in Invisible, Inc.

The following piece is a guest blog entry. The views expressed in it are not necessarily those of Runway Games and are entirely those of the author, Alex Hines. 

Steam is a terrible, terrible thing for me.   When I look on the store, one of three things ALWAYS happens.  First, the game(s) I really want are too expensive for my budget at the moment.  Second, I find a less expensive game that looks interesting, but it turns out to be worth about as many hours as dollars I paid for it.  BTW, I’m usually cheap when it comes to these things.

BUT! Every once in a while the Steam Store manages to hawk something on me in its featured section that grabs my attention and my wallet, and through that stroke of dumb luck, Invisible, Inc., made by Klei, the studio behind Don’t Starve, seized both.

First let’s talk about the game.  It’s set in the future and is all about stealth, something with which I am usually TERRIBLE in most video games.  But in Invisible, Inc. that is ALL you need to care about.  You play as the Operator, a middleman of sorts between the owner of a mercenary infiltration group and the agents who do the dirty work.  One moves farther, another hacks better, and one is a better marksman (no, that’s not a skill you might find valuable as much as you think). Continue reading Guest Post: Finding the Secret in Invisible, Inc.