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Guest Post: A Game Within a Game? CrossCode’s Demo Looks Promising!

The following piece is a guest blog entry. The views expressed in it are not necessarily those of Runway Games and are entirely those of the author.

Retro-styled games seem to be a really hot gaming trend at the moment. There has been numerous indie successes catering to the nostalgia craze. The best games have been masters at combining the best things from the old days with modern mechanics. CrossCode looks to be one of those games.

CrossCode is a single-player Action-RPG about a player stuck in an MMO of the distant future. Now before you think traditional fantasy with sword and sorcery, this game is all about one thing: throwing VRPs – or simply “balls” as everyone seems to call it. Not only are these balls your trusty tool to master several dungeons full of puzzles, they are also your weapons. Together with close-range attacks and special skills, they help you to fend off hordes of enemies.

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Ready for an Ad-Free Experience? A New Version of Solar Roller is on the Market!


We are pleased to announce some changes for Solar Roller! This version is NO ADS and ALL PLAY. Now you can enjoy countless rounds of planetary goodness without having to wait through those pesky advertisements.

Get your version today on your Android device.

Coming soon to iOS.