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We Gave Ourselves a Whole New Look


In case it has been a while since you checked out our webpage, we thought it might be a good idea to nudge ya that direction. Admittedly, we fell a little behind when we were programming up a storm. Because hey – what does an Indie do? We make games! We program! Continue reading We Gave Ourselves a Whole New Look


We Liked the Concept, but We Were Floored When We Saw the Results


Have you seen our t-shirts yet? So do we! We gave our designer an idea, and he turned it into reality. Who doesn’t want a removable Moses beard, after all. As promised, we will be sending free shirts to our Beta testers for Red Sea Exodus.

Were you a Beta tester and want a chance to get EXCLUSIVE access to our next game? Would you like to see our development process? Take a picture wearing one of our shirts and post it to us on social media to enter for a chance to get access to our test-flight applications. We upload our games during development for in-house testing before it’s ever released. Watch the game grow and flourish and become an essential part of its creation process.

Runway Games vs. Apple, Round 5,052

All right. You all deserve some answers, even if we don’t want to accept them ourselves.

Yes. It’s true. Wash is dead and there is nothing we can do about it. Joss Whedon feeds off of the tears of his fans, and he was a necessary sacrifice for the continuation of Joss’ awesomeness.

But that is not what this is about. This is about the very real issue with our games and Apple. We promised from the beginning that Red Sea Exodus would be out on Apple. We’re two games into this Indie world, and guess what? Not a one of ’em is on Apple.

If you’re a new developer, ye need be warned: Apple is very tricky to work with. Unlike Android, which seems to publish apps almost immediately, Apple puts every app through a strict screening process. A word of advice? Don’t start marketing your app on iOS until you’re certain it has been approved. Continue reading Runway Games vs. Apple, Round 5,052

Solar Roller – The Second Game from Runway Games

Have you heard the news?  Runway Games is pregnant! We’ve got a new baby in our metaphorical belly, and we’re cookin’ it until it gets a little bit cuter. It looks like this lil’ one is gonna be a platformer. Mom and Dad are so proud.

Right now, we are calling the game “Solar Roller.” Kinda catchy, right? The game development is in its early stages, but it’s definitely going to be a good one.

Level selection screen. Look at that Earth. That's a sweet Earth.
Level selection screen. Look at that Earth. That’s a sweet Earth.

Using some celestial body (Earth, Sun, Moon, etc), you navigate from the beginning of the platform to the end of the platform(which is suspended in Space). Some levels are fairly straight forward, and others require a bit of thinking. It provides an increasing challenge for the player as you progress, giving a sense of accomplishment for ever new level completed. Continue reading Solar Roller – The Second Game from Runway Games

Red Sea Exodus: Release Hiccups with the Apple Store

Since it is our first time releasing a game to the app store and Google play, we anticipated that there were going to be a few missteps here and there. After all,it is a learning experience.

Though we released Red Sea Exodus to Google play on September 2nd, it is yet to be approved for the Apple store (as many of you devoted followers know). At first, we were biting our nails, nervous it wouldn’t get approved at all because of its theme. We heard through the grapevine from another Indie Developer that Apple takes anything with a religious connotation very seriously and gives ’em a lil’ more love before approving or denying. After all, gotta make sure you don’t offend anyone.

So a week passes, and we’re on edge. By this point, we’ve all developed a few extra wrinkles on our foreheads, waiting for the blade to fall. Continue reading Red Sea Exodus: Release Hiccups with the Apple Store

Red Sea Exodus – Week 1: Reviews

ReviewsRed Sea Exodus has officially been offered on Google Play for one week, and so far things are looking pretty great! With a 5 star rating in the app store, it surely will not disappoint you. Whether you just want to kill some time while you’re waiting for the bus or if you want to fight for the high score, it provides an enjoyable medium and entertainment for all ages. Unlike some games, this is definitely the type that you can hand to your child or your grandfather without worrying about their reaction to it. 

Let’s take a look at some of the comments made by game reviewer, Cody Reviews, who gave the game 7.5 out of 10 stars. 

“It’s a challenging game and a great game to compete against your friends and people around the world. The Leader board function is fantastic for that.”

“Red Sea Exodus is a great game, especially for the challenge and competitions.”

“The animations are very smooth and look really good. Very colorful.”

With upcoming changes and updates, we hope to turn that 7.5 into a 10! You can download Red Sea Exodus in the Google Play store and soon for iOS!