K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers

As any girl can tell you, sometimes all you need are shoes


When we talk about K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, we’re dealing with a four star charity – the cream of the crop – the highest echelon of echelons. Basically – they’re a pretty boss group.  With a 100 point accountability and transparency of funds and a financial score of almost 90 points, it lands them at the top of the class. 99.1% of funds are used directly on the programs and services it delivers, meaning they give a lot of bang to your buck (Click it). So if you really wanna donate your cash somewhere and know that your donation is going to actually mean something, donate to a group like this one.

Responding to natural disasters

So what do they do specifically? The organization is a nonprofit which works directly with retailers, manufactures, and licensors to provide for families dealing with illness, poverty, or natural disasters. The program you see today has actually been molded over the years. K.I.D.S. was founded in 1985, and Fashion Delivers (at the time a separate company) was founded in 2005. It was not until April 2014 that the two companies merged, making it easier to serve families in need.  What’s even greater is that companies realize how amazing the program is and donate excess merchandise to the cause. Since 1985, over $1 billion worth of products have been distributed worldwide (Their site).

Sometimes pictures say a thousand words, so check out their website.

Burlington Coat Factory even donates to them.

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