The Ronald McDonald House Charities

If you have ever been interested in any type of charity, you are bound to have come across the Ronald McDonald House Charities in your search. As a popular charity with a memorable name, they’ve managed to reach much of the United States and beyond.

Runway Games is specifically donating to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Pittsburgh. The House has been around for over 30 years, helping countless families along the way. Founded by an unlikely partnership with an NFL team, a children’s hospital, and a restaurant chain, the trio created a place for families of seriously ill children to feel safe and secure, providing emotional and physical support. The organization opened its doors in July of 1979, offering sleeping rooms, a playroom, a library, a kitchen, a laundry room, an outdoor patio, and even a TV room!  Shortly thereafter, the House attracted so much attention that it had to expand, which it has done repeatedly over the years.

From providing temporary house to offering medical care, the organization strives to improve the life and well-being of children, as it has since its beginning. Check out their website!


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