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Guest Post: Finding the Secret in Invisible, Inc.

The following piece is a guest blog entry. The views expressed in it are not necessarily those of Runway Games and are entirely those of the author, Alex Hines. 

Steam is a terrible, terrible thing for me.   When I look on the store, one of three things ALWAYS happens.  First, the game(s) I really want are too expensive for my budget at the moment.  Second, I find a less expensive game that looks interesting, but it turns out to be worth about as many hours as dollars I paid for it.  BTW, I’m usually cheap when it comes to these things.

BUT! Every once in a while the Steam Store manages to hawk something on me in its featured section that grabs my attention and my wallet, and through that stroke of dumb luck, Invisible, Inc., made by Klei, the studio behind Don’t Starve, seized both.

First let’s talk about the game.  It’s set in the future and is all about stealth, something with which I am usually TERRIBLE in most video games.  But in Invisible, Inc. that is ALL you need to care about.  You play as the Operator, a middleman of sorts between the owner of a mercenary infiltration group and the agents who do the dirty work.  One moves farther, another hacks better, and one is a better marksman (no, that’s not a skill you might find valuable as much as you think). Continue reading Guest Post: Finding the Secret in Invisible, Inc.


Morrowind: The Best Elder Scrolls Game

There’s no denying that Elder Scrolls has quickly become a staple in the gaming industry for the hardcore gamers and the casual gamers alike. Just look at all the internet memes about Skyrim! I mean seriously, how many girl friends have been replaced by Lydia at this point? It’s a massive game with gorgeous scenery and diverse quests, so yeah. It could take up quite a bit of time.

Oblivion also got a lot of raving reviews when it first came out. I can still remember trolling Game Informer for any info it would leak about it before and after release.  It was a game that even those who had considered themselves non-gamer’s enjoyed. The world was beautiful, crisp. But still – it was less popular than Skyrim.

Before Skyrim and before Oblivion, there was a gem, rare and beautiful, that paved the way for these games to flourish and develop. Morrowind.

Morrowind, the unsung hero, is most definitely my favorite of the Elder Scrolls series.  I will never forget getting off the ship and seeing the beautiful, enchanting land for the first time. And the architecture? So splendid and diverse. There are so many facets of the game that set it apart from the ones that followed, and, even though some things did need to change, the new games lost some of what made Morrowind so amazing. Continue reading Morrowind: The Best Elder Scrolls Game

Red Sea Exodus – Week 1: Reviews

ReviewsRed Sea Exodus has officially been offered on Google Play for one week, and so far things are looking pretty great! With a 5 star rating in the app store, it surely will not disappoint you. Whether you just want to kill some time while you’re waiting for the bus or if you want to fight for the high score, it provides an enjoyable medium and entertainment for all ages. Unlike some games, this is definitely the type that you can hand to your child or your grandfather without worrying about their reaction to it. 

Let’s take a look at some of the comments made by game reviewer, Cody Reviews, who gave the game 7.5 out of 10 stars. 

“It’s a challenging game and a great game to compete against your friends and people around the world. The Leader board function is fantastic for that.”

“Red Sea Exodus is a great game, especially for the challenge and competitions.”

“The animations are very smooth and look really good. Very colorful.”

With upcoming changes and updates, we hope to turn that 7.5 into a 10! You can download Red Sea Exodus in the Google Play store and soon for iOS!