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We Liked the Concept, but We Were Floored When We Saw the Results


Have you seen our t-shirts yet? So do we! We gave our designer an idea, and he turned it into reality. Who doesn’t want a removable Moses beard, after all. As promised, we will be sending free shirts to our Beta testers for Red Sea Exodus.

Were you a Beta tester and want a chance to get EXCLUSIVE access to our next game? Would you like to see our development process? Take a picture wearing one of our shirts and post it to us on social media to enter for a chance to get access to our test-flight applications. We upload our games during development for in-house testing before it’s ever released. Watch the game grow and flourish and become an essential part of its creation process.


Solar Roller: Wanna Talk? We’ll Listen

Planet selection screen. Pretty cunning, don'thchya think?
Planet selection screen. Pretty cunning, don’thchya think?

You asked, we answered!

After getting some feedback on Solar Roller, we have made some changes that you, the players, asked for!

Didn’t like the sun before? Good! Neither did we! In house, it was called “the cheesy puff ball.” Now? We have this gorgeous, roaring star of solar proportions! A sun that would make Ra Himself proud! Continue reading Solar Roller: Wanna Talk? We’ll Listen

Graphic Evolution (Updated)

A couple posts back, we included some images from what we thought would be the Beta’s home screen. As any developer can tell you, changes are constantly rolling in. Since the last post, our graphic designers made us customized font and new buttons (I think the coin is even new), and our programmer added a cool little fire thingie to show when you have a bonus game available.

Here’s an updated version of the home screen:

New Opening Screen

You can view the original post here ——–> (click me!)

Beta Testers: A Special Kinda Somethin’

Studios be like…

As many of you know, we will be launching the Beta version of Red Sea Exodus for iOS and Android soon. Beta testing is considered a very vital phase in game development, and the testers play a much more important role than they think. Beta testers are as much involved in the development of a game as the Creative Directors, the Programmers, and the Designers. After all, what good is software if people don’t want to use it? It’s the job of the testers to help further develop software into a program that is user-friendly, enjoyable, and functional.

All in all, Beta testers are a noble breed. Not only do they spend hours (sometimes days or weeks) mulling through a program, but they often do it without pay.  It is true that it is something to be added to a resume, but Beta testers often have a love of cracking codes and being part of the development process. And they truly are.

Imagine it’s your first ever prom, and you somehow managed to score a date with your dream crush (maybe prayers do help?). You’ve got the shoes, you got the hair, and you smell like something other than cheetos and desperation. Continue reading Beta Testers: A Special Kinda Somethin’

Red Sea Exodus – the Beginning

One might say we were “parting the waters” of the gaming industry with our first creation, Red Sea Exodus.

Okay. Maybe not quite.

At any rate, Red Sea Exodus is the first child of Runway Games Studio, and, like parents do, it’s all we ever seem to talk about. Our friends don’t quite yet hate us, but somehow showing pictures of babies is a little more endearing than showing off photos of concept art that looks more like stick-figure aliens than people.

Red Sea Exodus uses the story of the Exodus in the Bible where Moses leads the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. This infinity runner captures the Egyptian’s pursuit of the Israelites across the Red Sea, and you must use your divine power to ensure their safe passage.

When we were brainstorming our ideas for our first game, there were so many (which is good for you guys in the future). This was one game that we could all agree on, as Biblical stories are known world wide yet are rarely turned into game format. We agreed it was an untapped market with huge appeal and potential and believed we could provide a better experience than what is currently offered on the market Continue reading Red Sea Exodus – the Beginning