Solar Roller

So you’re a giant rolling ball in space. What are you going to do besides tumble down some suspended tiles?

Similar to the 80s game Marble Madness, this platformer brings classic idea into a new millennium with exciting challenges and an improved interface.

This labyrinth-style platform game combines skill and problem-solving in order to master its challenging levels. By tilting the phone, the user has the ability to manipulate their choice of orb throughout the level.

By completing a level, the player unlocks the next and earns stars based on their performance. The better the time, the more stars are awarded. These stars can be used to unlock new skins and new worlds.

Saturn LevelThough the first worlds may seem easy, as the levels progress, they also progress in difficulty, adding an array of new challenges. Whether it is moving platforms, dead ends, or disintegrating tiles, there are always some new and fresh obstacles ready to be mastered.

Because the Universe is always expanding, expect frequent additions from the Milky Way and beyond!

Available for Android and iOS.



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