Guest Post: A Game Within a Game? CrossCode’s Demo Looks Promising!

The following piece is a guest blog entry. The views expressed in it are not necessarily those of Runway Games and are entirely those of the author.

Retro-styled games seem to be a really hot gaming trend at the moment. There has been numerous indie successes catering to the nostalgia craze. The best games have been masters at combining the best things from the old days with modern mechanics. CrossCode looks to be one of those games.

CrossCode is a single-player Action-RPG about a player stuck in an MMO of the distant future. Now before you think traditional fantasy with sword and sorcery, this game is all about one thing: throwing VRPs – or simply “balls” as everyone seems to call it. Not only are these balls your trusty tool to master several dungeons full of puzzles, they are also your weapons. Together with close-range attacks and special skills, they help you to fend off hordes of enemies.

Feel like a bada$$ yet?
Feel like a bada$$ yet?

Combining ball-throwing with a fast-paced combat system, puzzle solving, world exploration and character building, CrossCode provides a mix of the RPG and Action Adventure genre delivered with detailed pixel art and a soundtrack inspired by old SNES and Playstation classics.


In CrossCode you follow a player called Lea, who seems to be stuck in CrossWorlds – an MMO of the distant future – for unknown reasons. It also doesn’t help that she has lost her memory and can’t speak. And no, this is not your usual silent heroine. Lea is actually mute. She can’t say a single word, expect for “Hi”, which makes for a number of awkward conversations.

Lea desperately proving her conversation skills.

The protagonist’s situation is not the only curious aspect of the story. As you start the game on board of a cargo ship belonging to the maintenance staff and see a person programming on a workstation within the game – you start to wonder: what kind of MMO is CrossWorlds exactly?

Does that guy have a jet pack? The answer is yes.
The pixel graphics look stunning.

The new demo of CrossCode was recently released and can be played in the Web browser or downloaded for Windows. Apart from playing the game’s story, the Demo also provides a puzzle and exploration mode where you can try out more of the puzzle and combat mechanics the game has to offer.

Run, Lea, run!

You can try the demo yourself at

An Indiegogo campaign to support further development of the game is starts 25th of February. If you like the game, be sure to mark that on your calendar!


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