Meet Kyle Boutchyard

Kyle alongside his wife, Patty
Kyle alongside his wife, Patti

 Kyle Boutchyard – Creative Designer 

Kyle Boutchyard is one of Runway’s Creative Designers, specifically overseeing the game Red Sea Exodus. Though he’s almost always sporting a tie and an air of professionalism, don’t let that fool you. He’s a well-versed gamer who’s spent a lot of time exploring the industry. Growing up, he always wanted to be a video game designer but turned towards architecture in college. Starting with the classic Atari, Kyle has played and/or owned almost every system up to the PS4. When he was a kid, he even would skip school to play Zelda with his buddies. Whether it is shooting fireballs with Mario’s firepower or flying down the highway in Grand Turismo, he’s played a wide variety of game types.

Kyle draws on Frank Lloyd Wright, the simplicity of Steve Jobs 2.0, and even his former drafting teach, Mr. Jett, for inspiration in his daily work.  When Kyle isn’t working on creating games or Architectural Virtual Realities with the oculus at ISM (which are pretty freakin’ awesome), he is spending time with his wife and children. He dedicates much of his remaining past time to gaming, drawing, and reading. Though he reads a lot of different titles, he always finds himself returning to the Bible (maybe one of the reasons he’s worked so hard on RSE). Also, like most of us, he is anxiously awaiting the release of Destiny, especially after trying out the Alpha version of the game and intends on playing a Titan.

Kyle earned a degree in Architectural Technology from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and is currently teaching himself Unity software in order to create better games and improve Architectural Virtual Reality.

To read an interview with Kyle, click here.


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