Brother’s Brother Foundation

Remember when you were in elementary school, and there was always that one kid who scored 10x better than you even when you worked your butt off? Gosh, you hated him. Actually, hate is a strong word. You secretly admired/were stupid envious of him. Every time he got one of those gold stars, you just stared at your own stick figure drawing of the Mona Lisa that you worked ever-so hard on – all you got was a smilie face.

Charities get rated, too, y’know. Some of them do better than others. The Brother’s Brother Foundation is one of those. With a four star rating (yeah, take that Jimmy. Four stars – not one), the Foundation ranks in at the top of the charts for accountability and transparency and administrative costs. What’s really fascinating about this Foundation utilizes between 97-99% of its funds on the programs and services it delivers (click here). Forbes Magazine even highlighted BBF is one of three charities with a 100% rating for fundraising efficiency and charitable commitment, ranking 57th on the largest U.S. Charities (Click dis). And that’s something other charities should be jealous of.

So what exactly do they do? Founded in 1958 with the mission of providing good healthcare, nutrition, and education for people all around the world, the Foundation has since assisted people in 146 countries and has provided over $4,000,000,000 in goods and services (medical supplies, text books, seeds, food, etc.)(Dis is also clickable).

If you follow along their Facebook, you can see where they are sending their donations to and what they are sending! Additionally, you can keep an eye out to see what types of organizations BBF partners with.

So – just to say something a little off the cuff and a little less formal (cuz this is a blog, eh?) – BBF is a freakin’ amazing charity, doing the work of the world in the best way possible. Keep it up, guys. You’re doing great things and we admire you. The world needs a few more organizations like you.


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