Meet Hugh Boylan

Hugh rocks the shades, doesn't he?
Hugh rocks the shades, doesn’t he?


Hugh Boylan – Programmer 

Hugh Boylan is the programmer for Runway Games. By “the programmer,” it means he is literally the only programmer at Runway (For now).  As a senior, he developed software for a home automation system to control the a few things like lights, speakers, cameras, locks, XBMC, energy monitors… Okay. Maybe it did a lot of things. Working with these types of projects has given him the experience necessary to singlehandedly program Red Sea Exodus.

Like many West Virginia natives, Hugh loves the outdoors. Though he likes to spend much of his free time outside, he’s spent plenty of time gaming. Although he enjoys most first-person shooters, his favorite title, so far, has been Halo 3. He also spends extra time developing his programming skills with side projects in order to produce better games/software in the future.

Hugh received his bachelors in Computer Science at West Virginia University and looks forward to creating more complex games using virtual reality.​


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