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Employee Spotlight – Kyle Boutchyard

Kyle Family

What games are you currently playing?
Right now we’re doing Destiny – I’m playing Destiny. Not very much; I wish I was playing more.

My kids get on a lot! They play Minecraft. The oldest one is a huge Minecraft fan. She’s got it on her iPad, her iPhone, her PS3, and her PS4. And has worlds on each one of them. She’s totally sucked in.

I was looking forward to Driveclub, and was super disappointed when I heard it wouldn’t be out on Playstation.  And then of course, Grand Theft Auto 5. I’m excited for the first-person shooter implementation, popping in and out to third person as you choose. They basically had to rebuild it from the ground up. The arms, all the textures you wouldn’t see, the animations… I’m excited.

What is your dream job?

I should have been in the video game industry years ago. 100 percent. Continue reading Employee Spotlight – Kyle Boutchyard