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Red Sea Exodus: Release Hiccups with the Apple Store

Since it is our first time releasing a game to the app store and Google play, we anticipated that there were going to be a few missteps here and there. After all,it is a learning experience.

Though we released Red Sea Exodus to Google play on September 2nd, it is yet to be approved for the Apple store (as many of you devoted followers know). At first, we were biting our nails, nervous it wouldn’t get approved at all because of its theme. We heard through the grapevine from another Indie Developer that Apple takes anything with a religious connotation very seriously and gives ’em a lil’ more love before approving or denying. After all, gotta make sure you don’t offend anyone.

So a week passes, and we’re on edge. By this point, we’ve all developed a few extra wrinkles on our foreheads, waiting for the blade to fall. Continue reading Red Sea Exodus: Release Hiccups with the Apple Store