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Morrowind: The Best Elder Scrolls Game

There’s no denying that Elder Scrolls has quickly become a staple in the gaming industry for the hardcore gamers and the casual gamers alike. Just look at all the internet memes about Skyrim! I mean seriously, how many girl friends have been replaced by Lydia at this point? It’s a massive game with gorgeous scenery and diverse quests, so yeah. It could take up quite a bit of time.

Oblivion also got a lot of raving reviews when it first came out. I can still remember trolling Game Informer for any info it would leak about it before and after release.  It was a game that even those who had considered themselves non-gamer’s enjoyed. The world was beautiful, crisp. But still – it was less popular than Skyrim.

Before Skyrim and before Oblivion, there was a gem, rare and beautiful, that paved the way for these games to flourish and develop. Morrowind.

Morrowind, the unsung hero, is most definitely my favorite of the Elder Scrolls series.  I will never forget getting off the ship and seeing the beautiful, enchanting land for the first time. And the architecture? So splendid and diverse. There are so many facets of the game that set it apart from the ones that followed, and, even though some things did need to change, the new games lost some of what made Morrowind so amazing. Continue reading Morrowind: The Best Elder Scrolls Game