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I Bet You Didn’t Know This About Android App Marketing

Photo Credit: wallconvert.com

The life of an independent developer is a constant learning experience. One of those many “aha” moments happened rather recently when we were researching how to expand our reach.

Most everyone in our office uses an iOS device. That being said, it means that our knowledge of Android is a little sparse. With Apple, whenever you want to look up and app or download one, you go to the app store. I want to emphasize THE app store. One. One app store. Any app you want to download for your Apple device is right there.

This is not how Android works.

Unlike Apple, Android offers a variety of stores. There is the common Google market, but not everyone uses it or can use it and not all apps are offered there. Automatically, this means not all users have access to your app. Additionally, by offering multiple stores, it has allowed certain ones to cater to a particular type or content, already creating a target audience for you. Continue reading I Bet You Didn’t Know This About Android App Marketing


Runway Games vs. Apple, Round 5,052

All right. You all deserve some answers, even if we don’t want to accept them ourselves.

Yes. It’s true. Wash is dead and there is nothing we can do about it. Joss Whedon feeds off of the tears of his fans, and he was a necessary sacrifice for the continuation of Joss’ awesomeness.

But that is not what this is about. This is about the very real issue with our games and Apple. We promised from the beginning that Red Sea Exodus would be out on Apple. We’re two games into this Indie world, and guess what? Not a one of ’em is on Apple.

If you’re a new developer, ye need be warned: Apple is very tricky to work with. Unlike Android, which seems to publish apps almost immediately, Apple puts every app through a strict screening process. A word of advice? Don’t start marketing your app on iOS until you’re certain it has been approved. Continue reading Runway Games vs. Apple, Round 5,052

Solar Roller: Wanna Talk? We’ll Listen

Planet selection screen. Pretty cunning, don'thchya think?
Planet selection screen. Pretty cunning, don’thchya think?

You asked, we answered!

After getting some feedback on Solar Roller, we have made some changes that you, the players, asked for!

Didn’t like the sun before? Good! Neither did we! In house, it was called “the cheesy puff ball.” Now? We have this gorgeous, roaring star of solar proportions! A sun that would make Ra Himself proud! Continue reading Solar Roller: Wanna Talk? We’ll Listen

Red Sea Exodus: Release Hiccups with the Apple Store

Since it is our first time releasing a game to the app store and Google play, we anticipated that there were going to be a few missteps here and there. After all,it is a learning experience.

Though we released Red Sea Exodus to Google play on September 2nd, it is yet to be approved for the Apple store (as many of you devoted followers know). At first, we were biting our nails, nervous it wouldn’t get approved at all because of its theme. We heard through the grapevine from another Indie Developer that Apple takes anything with a religious connotation very seriously and gives ’em a lil’ more love before approving or denying. After all, gotta make sure you don’t offend anyone.

So a week passes, and we’re on edge. By this point, we’ve all developed a few extra wrinkles on our foreheads, waiting for the blade to fall. Continue reading Red Sea Exodus: Release Hiccups with the Apple Store

Graphic Evolution (Updated)

A couple posts back, we included some images from what we thought would be the Beta’s home screen. As any developer can tell you, changes are constantly rolling in. Since the last post, our graphic designers made us customized font and new buttons (I think the coin is even new), and our programmer added a cool little fire thingie to show when you have a bonus game available.

Here’s an updated version of the home screen:

New Opening Screen

You can view the original post here ——–> (click me!)

Beta Testers: A Special Kinda Somethin’

Studios be like…

As many of you know, we will be launching the Beta version of Red Sea Exodus for iOS and Android soon. Beta testing is considered a very vital phase in game development, and the testers play a much more important role than they think. Beta testers are as much involved in the development of a game as the Creative Directors, the Programmers, and the Designers. After all, what good is software if people don’t want to use it? It’s the job of the testers to help further develop software into a program that is user-friendly, enjoyable, and functional.

All in all, Beta testers are a noble breed. Not only do they spend hours (sometimes days or weeks) mulling through a program, but they often do it without pay.  It is true that it is something to be added to a resume, but Beta testers often have a love of cracking codes and being part of the development process. And they truly are.

Imagine it’s your first ever prom, and you somehow managed to score a date with your dream crush (maybe prayers do help?). You’ve got the shoes, you got the hair, and you smell like something other than cheetos and desperation. Continue reading Beta Testers: A Special Kinda Somethin’

Graphic Evolution

Ever wonder how concept art evolves into something real?

As with all things good, back when RSE was just a thought, it was birthed on a white board.

In truth, we got lucky with a lot of our art. Because of our very talented graphic designers, we got the general concept of what we wanted on the very first try with some minor tweaks here and there. When you’re developing a game, getting the right concept art is half of the battle. Once you’ve done that, that’s when the nit picking begins.

People will pick apart every aspect of your game, and much of it isn’t even about the game play – from the font to the music, to the color to the layout. With that being said, attention to detail and the use of testers is extremely important in order to get a sense of uniformity. Continue reading Graphic Evolution