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Employee Spotlight: Valerie Erb

Val Family

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love being involved with the social media stuff. I get to interact with some of the coolest people and stay up-to-date with nerdy news. I’ve also worked with Unity some, making terrains and stuff as I learn. It’s definitely made me look at games in an entirely new light.

What Games are you currently playing?

I just beat Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve been going back to 100 percent it, but it’s not the same. I’ve actually been exceptionally sad since I finished it. Any gamer knows what I mean. It’s the same feeling you get when you finish a great book. It’s a feeling of emptiness, loss. It’s also the sad realization you’ve got nothing else to do and now have to return to real life. I think Lord of the Rings described it best when Frodo returned from his journey. How can you go back to who you were once you’ve experienced a great journey? You can’t. You cannot be ordinary after you’ve been extraordinary. Continue reading Employee Spotlight: Valerie Erb


Employee Spotlight – Kyle Boutchyard

Kyle Family

What games are you currently playing?
Right now we’re doing Destiny – I’m playing Destiny. Not very much; I wish I was playing more.

My kids get on a lot! They play Minecraft. The oldest one is a huge Minecraft fan. She’s got it on her iPad, her iPhone, her PS3, and her PS4. And has worlds on each one of them. She’s totally sucked in.

I was looking forward to Driveclub, and was super disappointed when I heard it wouldn’t be out on Playstation.  And then of course, Grand Theft Auto 5. I’m excited for the first-person shooter implementation, popping in and out to third person as you choose. They basically had to rebuild it from the ground up. The arms, all the textures you wouldn’t see, the animations… I’m excited.

What is your dream job?

I should have been in the video game industry years ago. 100 percent. Continue reading Employee Spotlight – Kyle Boutchyard

Meet Kim Conley

Kim lookin' fabulous
Kim lookin’ fabulous

Kim Conley – Marketing

Kim Conley is one of Runway Games marketers. With over 20 years of experience with marketing, she’s provided invaluable insight and direction for both Runway and its parent company, ISM Services, Inc. As a highly motivated individual, she continually takes on side projects and tours the country on behalf of ISM to spread the word about the business.

Kim is also an activist, willing to work for a variety of causes. She has worked alongside the American Cancer Society, preparing and delivery baskets for military families for children with cancer, and has assisted in fundraisers for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Additionally, keeps an ear out for animal welfare and disaster and humanitarian relief.

Though generally health conscious, when Kim is out on the town with her fiancé, she most definitely is not afraid to hit up bike night with its cheap wings. Even though she travels for her job, she also enjoys traveling in general, particularly when she gets to spend time with her son and daughter in Virginia.

Kim attended Thomas Nelson Community College for business and is currently working on expanding her company’s network.

Meet Valerie Erb

And here ve have ze vild cave Valarie in her natural habitat.
And here ve have ze vild cave Valarie in her natural habitat.

Valerie Erb – Marketing and Social Media

Valerie Erb, one of Runway’s Marketing and Social Media personnel, is an officer candidate with the Army National Guard. When she is not maintaining this blog, working, or training, she is likely to be found at her home watching Netflix with her puppy or playing video games with her significant other. Like most passionate gamers, Valerie’s love of gaming came at an early age – from the very first time her fingers touched The Legend of Zelda and Mario onward. Continue reading Meet Valerie Erb

Meet Yana K. B. H. Boyd

Can we get a "d'awww?" For the puppy, of course.
Can we get a “d’awww?” For the puppy, of course.

Yana K. B. H. Boyd – Graphic Designer

Yana Boyd is one of Runway Games’ graphic designers. Like many artists, she takes a lot of influence from her surroundings. Working as a designer since high school, she was more than prepared her for her role in the production of Red Sea Exodus, the first game by Runway Games.

Even when she is not designing for a game, Yana takes on a wide range of freelance work and is the Advertising Arts Instructor at a Career and Technical school. But she does more than design and teach, she also creates raku ceramics works called Salt Covenants that she sells all over the world. When she isn’t doing something art related, she likes to donate her time to SNORT Rescue, from designing to fostering, she looks to make better lives for pups in need. Every now and then, Yana likes to relax with some of the classic games, including Tetris and Mario Brothers 3, to get away from the crazy pace of life.

Yana has received an associates and bachelors degree and is currently working on obtaining a masters.

Meet Jenny Leuters





Jenny Leuters – Graphic Designer 

Jenny discovered her love of art and architecture in middle school, which led to her career path.  In 2003, she graduated cum laude from Shepherd University with an AA in Graphic Design.  She later transferred to Marymount University, graduating cum laude with a BA in Interior Design in 2005.  After graduation, she worked for the oldest and most reputable interior design firm in Frederick, MD for over 7 years.  In June 2013 she founded JML Designs, LLC and offered interior design, drafting and graphic design services. Continue reading Meet Jenny Leuters

Meet Hugh Boylan

Hugh rocks the shades, doesn't he?
Hugh rocks the shades, doesn’t he?

Hugh Boylan – Programmer

Hugh Boylan is the programmer for Runway Games. By “the programmer,” it means he is literally the only programmer at Runway (For now).  As a senior, he developed software for a home automation system to control the a few things like lights, speakers, cameras, locks, XBMC, energy monitors… Okay. Maybe it did a lot of things. Working with these types of projects has given him the experience necessary to singlehandedly program Red Sea Exodus.

Like many West Virginia natives, Hugh loves the outdoors. Though he likes to spend much of his free time outside, he’s spent plenty of time gaming. Although he enjoys most first-person shooters, his favorite title, so far, has been Halo 3. He also spends extra time developing his programming skills with side projects in order to produce better games/software in the future.

Hugh received his bachelors in Computer Science at West Virginia University and looks forward to creating more complex games using virtual reality.​