It’s About Time Bethesda Did This

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Even the big wigs can change the way they give up the goods, just like us. Bethesda just announced it will be removing subscription fees for Elder Scrolls Online when TESO launches on next gen consoles in June of this year. For all those who don’t prescribe to team PC, it cannot come soon enough, as the game has been available for quite some time. Since TESO first launched on PC in 2014, there have been mixed reviews about the game, specifically the subscription fee. This will likely resolve some of the harsher criticism.

The initial release to console will be The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. The way Bethesda makes it sound, it seems like it will be a good deal for the console gamers. Not only will they be able to play TESO and all the joys it brings, but all the content from updates and expansions will also be available from the get go WITHOUT a subscription fee. I guess the PCers put their time (or money) into that one for them.

Don’t worry. Bethesda has still found a way to get a hand into your coin purse. You’re real one. With Tamriel Unlimited, you may purchase downloadable content or even an ESO Plus subscription to receive monthly benefits. With this purchase, you will also receive an allotted amount of crowns to spend in the in-game Crown Store, effectively converting your actual real-world currency to virtual currency.

Who said you didn’t know a bargain when you heard one?

Really, PC gamers deserve a big thank you for taking the brunt of this burden on to them. By helping Bethesda work through bug fixes and various other content issues, console gamers will be receiving the best version of TESO. So thanks for taking one for the team, you elitists!


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