You Didn’t Know We Were Working on This


You may have noticed our posts have slowed down. Well, there are a couple reasons, and it isn’t because we are lazy and don’t love you. Like pizza, we will always be there for you, through thick and thin (especially the thick).

One: The world wouldn’t be able to handle that much awesomeness until the holidays are over with.

Two: We are working on some separate projects in another department.

Three: Working with this department is going to help us make even better games.

So what does is this mythical department do, you ask? It is ISM’s 3D Visualization Services (3DVS). This company is really awesome. They’re sort of like our big brother – related but oh-so-separate (we’re the cool one). They are on the cutting edge of technology, using Revit, Unity, 3DS Max, Sketchup, Inventor, and AutoCAD to make their virtual renditions. And did I mention they use the Oculus Rift to explore them?


Okay. So I said a lot about what they do, but not anything about the content or why they do it. This 3DVS is used to create realistic, accurate buildings and terrain, allowing their customers to see a building before ever breaking ground or tearing down. Not everyone can read a floor plan and not every floor plan gives a building justice. That’s where they come in. It is even possible to change the materials on the fly (like turn a tiled floor into wood). Once you put on the Oculus, exploration never felt so Tron-esque.

They are fully aware and we are fully aware that this type of technology has endless possibilities. There is the obvious use of the Oculus for gameplay (Actually, expect to see Solar Roller on it). By learning these techniques off of 3DVS, we will be able to make even better games and even more realistic games. We might even be creating something kin to Skyrim or Dragon Age. So maybe we are being a little bit self-interested in all of this. Somehow, I don’t think they care since we are doing so much for them.

The possibilities are only limited to our own imagination. It is a great opportunity for both departments, and one day we will get to say as Mal says, “We’ve done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.” What an era we live in, eh?

Oh! A little off topic, but also cool, they even have a 3D printer in the office! I keep hoping they’ll make a robotic minion to do my blogging, but so far no such luck.

Check out some of their stuff, and then imagine being able to walk around it real time, going where you want, looking where you want, and changing what you want, all with just the turn of your head or the click of an Xbox Controller button.


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