Employee Spotlight – Kyle Boutchyard

Kyle Family

What games are you currently playing?
Right now we’re doing Destiny – I’m playing Destiny. Not very much; I wish I was playing more.

My kids get on a lot! They play Minecraft. The oldest one is a huge Minecraft fan. She’s got it on her iPad, her iPhone, her PS3, and her PS4. And has worlds on each one of them. She’s totally sucked in.

I was looking forward to Driveclub, and was super disappointed when I heard it wouldn’t be out on Playstation.  And then of course, Grand Theft Auto 5. I’m excited for the first-person shooter implementation, popping in and out to third person as you choose. They basically had to rebuild it from the ground up. The arms, all the textures you wouldn’t see, the animations… I’m excited.

What is your dream job?

I should have been in the video game industry years ago. 100 percent.

The only reason I didn’t pursue it earlier was that my parents were very traditional, and so I was meant to do a very traditional thing. I was good at drafting, and so I went to school for architecture. Two years in to school, I realized it wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I took the two year degree and went to work for the government.

My dream job is definitely what we’re doing here, but I don’t always get a lot of time to do it. The creation part of the gaming industry is the part I enjoy. I like the creation of the physical character itself and the world it is in. I get into the lights and the textures. I also like the storyboard part. I love presenting an idea through a quick sketch.

Or driving Ferraris every day. I could do that.

So a valet?

Let’s think a little more upscale than a valet!

What are your interests?

There’s the obvious – video games, architecture, my family, the Bible, even sports. I’ve even patented my famous potato soup (because it’s that awesome). I day dream a lot. About everything – anything. I know that sounds like a stupid interest, but it is. Ways to improve the house, new ideas, new businesses, new video games – just constant day dreaming. It’s probably bad for me.

What inspires you?

Everything is based around the drive to figure out the unknown. I know that seems generic, but is applies to everything. With video games, it is figuring out the next step to optimize it or the next way to make a material. If it is architecture, it is figuring out a new idea that no one has thought of. I constantly read because of it. I don’t like fiction books; I don’t read novels. But I do dig every day things.

So for me, it is that unknown – for everything. For the Bible, the universe – it’s just always constantly what else can we figure out.

Proudest Achievement

I’m proud of a lot of things. Sometimes my family, sometimes myself, sometimes not.

I felt like no one really believed in me when as I got older. I definitely had that support when I was younger, but not as I got older.  I do pride myself on is the fact I didn’t need that support or rely on it for success. A lot of people use their families as support and backup, but I managed to do it all on my own. I’ve lost everything at one point, and I got it all back. And I am proud of that. Knowing that I was able to raise a great family, that I have two great kids, and that my wife and I made through all the trials and tribulations that were forced into our lives – that’s my greatest achievement.


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