I Bet You Didn’t Know This About Android App Marketing

Photo Credit: wallconvert.com

The life of an independent developer is a constant learning experience. One of those many “aha” moments happened rather recently when we were researching how to expand our reach.

Most everyone in our office uses an iOS device. That being said, it means that our knowledge of Android is a little sparse. With Apple, whenever you want to look up and app or download one, you go to the app store. I want to emphasize THE app store. One. One app store. Any app you want to download for your Apple device is right there.

This is not how Android works.

Unlike Apple, Android offers a variety of stores. There is the common Google market, but not everyone uses it or can use it and not all apps are offered there. Automatically, this means not all users have access to your app. Additionally, by offering multiple stores, it has allowed certain ones to cater to a particular type or content, already creating a target audience for you.

Because Android does offer a variety of markets, it can help increase your exposure by using multiple markets. In some stores, the shear ratio of your app versus others can be helpful. For example, if you’re using a store that has 1,000 games submitted, a person is more likely to notice yours than a store that has 10,000 games submitted. And don’t worry – these alternative stores are getting plenty of downloads themselves.

So why wouldn’t you use multiple stores? That’s just it – you wouldn’t not. There is no downside, though some stores have certain restrictions on content or sales. It might be more difficult to track overall downloads, but not impossible.

Take note, this post isn’t written to hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do, as there are many different markets that could work for you. That’s up to you to do your own research for your target audiences and which stores are best for your product. However, this post lists several of these markets with more information about what each offers.

Currently, our games are available for your Android on Aptoide, AndroidPit, Appitalism, Google, and Opera. Yours could be, too!


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