Nintendo Finally Harnessed Their Humor with This Video

Looks like Nintendo has taken a new spin on their marketing and is taking full advantages of the freedom YouTube can grant. Since when did they get this funny? Regardless, it made me a believer in amiibo…just not romance.

Basically, this ill-fated romance definitely demonstrates amiibo and their uses, and I will quite frankly say I didn’t really buy into their point of existence before. The video does a good job of showing the social aspect of the mini-figurines and how you can easily import your character with your personal stats, which hey – is kind of nice. How many times did you go play a game at your friends’ and wished you had all the gear you had on your system unlocked? Plus it cuts down on all that “login” time that you get when you’re doing coop on your Xbox or Playstation, thus making it a rather genius idea.

Check out this Nintendo humor! Maybe you’ll be a believer in the amiibo after.


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