Runway Games vs. Apple, Round 5,052

All right. You all deserve some answers, even if we don’t want to accept them ourselves.

Yes. It’s true. Wash is dead and there is nothing we can do about it. Joss Whedon feeds off of the tears of his fans, and he was a necessary sacrifice for the continuation of Joss’ awesomeness.

But that is not what this is about. This is about the very real issue with our games and Apple. We promised from the beginning that Red Sea Exodus would be out on Apple. We’re two games into this Indie world, and guess what? Not a one of ’em is on Apple.

If you’re a new developer, ye need be warned: Apple is very tricky to work with. Unlike Android, which seems to publish apps almost immediately, Apple puts every app through a strict screening process. A word of advice? Don’t start marketing your app on iOS until you’re certain it has been approved.

Each new submission takes weeks to get feedback, which leaves you hanging in purgatory, wondering if you’ve been accepted or denied. Just like when the first girl you asked to prom didn’t say yes or no, it’s cruel and suspenseful. Will today be the day? Tomorrow? Or will I have to start back on square one?

With our first game, we did make some rookie mistakes. Initially, we put a page linking to the charities we support. Personally, we thought it was genius and wondered why others didn’t do it. Soon (if two weeks is soon), we found out why. Apple does not allow this type of thing in apps. So we got our feedback, fixed it, resubmitted.

Again, Apple denied us, this time for something smaller. It just took them another three weeks to get back to us. We fixed it, resubmitted.

Two weeks later, we get another denial, stating that the app keeps crashing. We have no idea why, and our programmer is working on it. The app works on iOS devices no our end without crashing.

But that is the world of Apple.

We submitted Solar Roller to iOS and Android at the same time. As of now, Solar Roller has been rollin’ in the downloads on Android for weeks, but it still has not been approved by Apple. The reviews on Solar Roller have all been positive, and we have made changes. The layout is relatively simple in order to avoid any of the complications we originally faced with Red Sea Exodus, so as of now, we are unsure the hold up.

To those wishing to publish on iOS, good luck. We sure need some!


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