Solar Roller: Wanna Talk? We’ll Listen

Planet selection screen. Pretty cunning, don'thchya think?
Planet selection screen. Pretty cunning, don’thchya think?

You asked, we answered!

After getting some feedback on Solar Roller, we have made some changes that you, the players, asked for!

Didn’t like the sun before? Good! Neither did we! In house, it was called “the cheesy puff ball.” Now? We have this gorgeous, roaring star of solar proportions! A sun that would make Ra Himself proud!

Saturn also finally earned its rings.

We had to ring a lot of bells. Uranus just hasn’t been that lucky.

Yay for non-cheese -puff looking suns
Yay for non-cheese -puff looking suns

One common complaint we had was the difficulty of the levels. Okay, okay. We get it. Maybe one of the few times it worked was with that insane elite gaming crowd that revolves around Dark Souls. We’re not asking you to invest that kind of time and mental capacity. We prefer our gamers mostly sane. Mostly.

There’s a few other things, too, mostly cosmetic. We added a new selection screen and a visual for the calibration (which you can turn off).

But we aren’t done yet! We have a bunch of edits we wanna roll out still, including better detailing and gameplay. Rumor has it, each planet is going to have a certain theme to make gameplay a lil’ bit more interesting. Give us your comments, and we will answer! We are all about making this your game as much as it is our. We love you. And junk.

On that note, we would like to extend a special thanks to Adrien Nouveaus, Richard Ehlert, John Lemmer, and Cory Smoot for being our first-responders on their Androids, providing us valuable feedback. You guys rock.

Wanna try it out? Download it here for your Android device!


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