And Firefly Fans Everywhere Rejoice! Fan-Made Short from Loot Crate

We may never get that next season no matter how many rumors we hear, but we can smile with nostalgia as we watch this fan-made short by Loot Crate. The short is called “The Verse,” and it is most definitely a welcome addition to the Firefly community!

Given the film is only 14 minutes long, it does provide a decent narrative that leaves room to grow with future episodes (hopefully). No real details are given to the characters backstories, but it quickly establishes those charismatic personalities our beloved Firefly is known for! Combined with some classic Firefly elements, like using the Old Western-style planets and Asian influence, it is enough to make any super-fan squeal with delight.

For all of us Browncoats who will never accept that Mal and Inara may never share that first kiss (first non-poisonous kiss, anyway), it definitely will bring a smile to your face. Never let go, Browncoats! Never let go!


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