Runway Games and ISM Services Take the Ice Bucket Challenge – But What About ALS?

This summer has been the summer of ice, buckets, and wasting water. If you’ve touched any form of media, particularly social media, you will have seen something about the ALS ice bucket challenge. We’ve seen friends doing it, celebrities doing it, failures doing it… Basically, it’s gone viral. Some of the videos have been cute, some of them have been funny – but in the end, it is about ALS.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way of becoming viral, a portion of the message was lost and it seemed to become more about dumping a bunch of cold water all over people (and on blistering hot days, who wouldn’t wanna?). There have been those who have spoken up against it, stating that we are wasting our resources, and there have been those who have been huge advocacy. <!–more–>

If anything, this ice bucket challenge has more than raised awareness for ALS, even if people only know that ALS is some type of disease. So even if for some people this “challenge” has become more of people dumping water in their heads, it has still raised awareness – and that’s a good thing.

It is the personally opinion of this blogger (who is a huge humanitarian) that when it comes to charities and causes, awareness is at LEAST half of the battle. Reaching out to people, educating them – that’s almost as good as donating money because you are donating time. It isn’t feasible for everyone to physically go out into the world and tackle problems hands on – that’s why we have charity groups and organizations who do it for us – but by speaking out and educating others, you are still an ambassador of change, fighting the good fight.

One thing the ALS challenge has going for them is the donations. Not everyone can donate $100.00. For those that can’t, they have another option – the ol’ cold ice bucket. By doing this, they may not be contributing monetarily to the fight against ALS, but they are contributing to awareness.

Runway Games Studio and ISM Services took on the ice bucket challenge and have donated to the ALS charity. Take a look at our video – it’s got a different spin on it.


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