Let’s Talk Updates (Red Sea Exodus)

When I was eleven I had a goat. That goat thought he was people. That goat had a duck. That duck thought it was a goat who thought it was people. So in fact, I had a duck who thought it was a goat who thought it was people. One might say he was a quack. 

Like this, but with a “BAAAAAAH”

OK – so by now, I’ve hopefully got your attention. If not… Then maybe I need to work on my stories. Or my puns. They might be equally bad.


For those who have been following along the development process (particularly our Beta testers and especially our Alpha testers), you’ve undoubtedly seen some tweaks here and there. There have been some extreme changes (boats to chariots) and some not-so-extreme changes (shark fins to actual sharks) .

Boats     Sharks

Right now, we’re missing that extra “oomph,” and we aren’t denying it. What is going to make you play RSE and strive to get that one extra level? What will add that addictability? We’ve got a few things up our sleeves, actually, though you might not see them until the actual release.

If you know anything about game development, you know there’s a solid correlation between graphics, programming, and product. True, you can go ahead and program functionality with placeholder objects, but when you’re trying to push out a polished product, that’s not really something in your interest (Ie, think of proposing to your girl friend with a $15.00 ring from Wal-Mart – nice thought, but get some standards. You think she wants to marry a guy who grabs the first thing available? Heck, think about sustainability, even! She’s going to wear that thing for a while – do you want her finger to turn green?). I digress. Development can only happen so fast, and sometimes it ends up pushing back release dates. 

Well… As you can guess, we don’t want to do that. Instead of pumping some of our ideas into the Beta, we plan pushing for some updates at release or shortly after release. Yes, we are fixing bugs, tweaking settings, analyzing feedback – but we don’t wanna put our whole arsenal on the front lines, do we?

Here’s the bulk of what I’m getting at:


  • We are getting rid of that ever-so-soothing-and-not-annoying Indiana Jones music (It was just a placeholder)
  • We will be “unleashing the kraken”
  • Periodic boss battles to demonstrate technical abilities and skill (mehbeh?)
  • Bonus games
  • Achievement artifacts

So the question is – as a developer, are we a duck, a goat, or a person? I’d say we are a very cognitive goat, waiting to launch into our personhood with the release of RSE.


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