Meet Kim Conley

Kim lookin' fabulous
Kim lookin’ fabulous

Kim Conley – Marketing

Kim Conley is one of Runway Games marketers. With over 20 years of experience with marketing, she’s provided invaluable insight and direction for both Runway and its parent company, ISM Services, Inc. As a highly motivated individual, she continually takes on side projects and tours the country on behalf of ISM to spread the word about the business.

Kim is also an activist, willing to work for a variety of causes. She has worked alongside the American Cancer Society, preparing and delivery baskets for military families for children with cancer, and has assisted in fundraisers for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Additionally, keeps an ear out for animal welfare and disaster and humanitarian relief.

Though generally health conscious, when Kim is out on the town with her fiancé, she most definitely is not afraid to hit up bike night with its cheap wings. Even though she travels for her job, she also enjoys traveling in general, particularly when she gets to spend time with her son and daughter in Virginia.

Kim attended Thomas Nelson Community College for business and is currently working on expanding her company’s network.


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