Spartan Meme

Dear User,

We here at Runway Games would like to congratulate you on choosing to play the Beta of our newest creation, Red Sea Exodus and becoming part of the development process. By playing this Beta and supplying feedback, you will be contributing to game development in a very positive manner. We here at Runway Games take any and all criticism happily and will work hard to ensure that we create the most enjoyable gaming experience possible. <!–more–>

When a Pharaoh turns his back on his word, the seemingly peaceful exodus of Egypt turns into a treacherous journey for the Israelites. Faced with the Red Sea and death, Moses chooses the Red Sea and parts it with his staff, though the Egyptians still remain on their heels. Will the Israelites be able to keep the Egyptians at bay? Using your Divine powers might just make it possible to fight off the well-armed Egyptians!

We invite you to take a step back into a time and a story that will continue to be told for centuries to come and to submerge yourself in the land of the Ancient Egyptians, of Moses, and of mystery by playing this infinity run game.

What to look for in the future:

  • Receiving ancient artifacts for accomplishing achievements
  • A portion of all in-app purchases will go to the designated charity of the month
  • Boss fights at the end of the level
  • A “share” option to challenge Facebook friends and to show off achievements and donations
  • More Divine powers and passive attacks (One might say, “Unleash the kraken!”)
  • More mini-games

Wishing you the best in your adventure,
Runway Games Studio

Please visit the following webpage to sign up for Beta trials:

Twitter: @Runway_Games


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