Beta Testers: A Special Kinda Somethin’

Studios be like…

As many of you know, we will be launching the Beta version of Red Sea Exodus for iOS and Android soon. Beta testing is considered a very vital phase in game development, and the testers play a much more important role than they think. Beta testers are as much involved in the development of a game as the Creative Directors, the Programmers, and the Designers. After all, what good is software if people don’t want to use it? It’s the job of the testers to help further develop software into a program that is user-friendly, enjoyable, and functional.

All in all, Beta testers are a noble breed. Not only do they spend hours (sometimes days or weeks) mulling through a program, but they often do it without pay.  It is true that it is something to be added to a resume, but Beta testers often have a love of cracking codes and being part of the development process. And they truly are.

Imagine it’s your first ever prom, and you somehow managed to score a date with your dream crush (maybe prayers do help?). You’ve got the shoes, you got the hair, and you smell like something other than cheetos and desperation.   So basically you’re looking pretty fly and are ready to hit the town. You and your date go out for dinner beforehand, and you think things are going pretty well – they can’t keep their eyes off of you. So you go to the bathroom, ready to check out your swagger, and there it is: a giant, monstrous pimple right in the middle of your forehead. That’s why you were getting what you thought were googlie eyes. Why didn’t someone tell you?

For a Beta release, it’s sort of similar. Beta versions tend to have all of the right parts but need some pimples popped.  At this point, the software does not generally go through extreme changes. It’s about catching typos, changing layouts, scaling difficulty, and many other things. Essentially, it’s pointing out problems and bugs that those who have been too close to the project are unable to see.

We don’t expect or want Beta testers to be our mother who tells us everything looks great when really there’s a giant oozing pimple on our forehead, ready to pop at the first strong breeze.  It is the job of the Beta tester to be that friend – that person – who pops that pimple, even when it’s gross and we don’t want to hear about it (Because we actually do want to hear about it).

Our website is under development, but here’s a link to our Beta!

Also, don’t forget to check out our Facebook for game updates, funny memes, and charity updates!


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