Red Sea Exodus – the Beginning

One might say we were “parting the waters” of the gaming industry with our first creation, Red Sea Exodus.

Okay. Maybe not quite.

At any rate, Red Sea Exodus is the first child of Runway Games Studio, and, like parents do, it’s all we ever seem to talk about. Our friends don’t quite yet hate us, but somehow showing pictures of babies is a little more endearing than showing off photos of concept art that looks more like stick-figure aliens than people.

Red Sea Exodus uses the story of the Exodus in the Bible where Moses leads the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. This infinity runner captures the Egyptian’s pursuit of the Israelites across the Red Sea, and you must use your divine power to ensure their safe passage.

When we were brainstorming our ideas for our first game, there were so many (which is good for you guys in the future). This was one game that we could all agree on, as Biblical stories are known world wide yet are rarely turned into game format. We agreed it was an untapped market with huge appeal and potential and believed we could provide a better experience than what is currently offered on the market .

When we first sat down and discussed creating this game, let alone a series of games, it seemed so far away in the future that it was almost unfathomable if not a lil’ crazy. Now, only a few short months later, we’re in the Beta phase of our development, or, if you’d like to continue with that parental metaphor, you could say we’re in the child pageant phase (but with less lip gloss).

We have come a long way from our Alpha version, where Indiana Jones boats glided over the exposed dirt bottom of the Red Sea to attack the little wriggly men we called “Israelites.” Even if there is something nostalgic about unrealistic flying motorboats to us, people would look at the Alpha and give us one of those these-people-are-abso-freaking-nuts looks accompanied with the hesitant I-wonder-where-the-nearest-exit-is nods.

Our Beta version is still undergoing changes before we release it to the public, but the Indiana Jones boats are gone (/sadface) and the water looks like, well, water. There are a couple of screen shots at the end to show you the difference.

Look for the Beta in early August!

A look at how the game has changed from the Alpha to the Beta
A look at how the game has changed from the Alpha to the Beta. The Alpha is on the left (obviously) and the Beta on the right.

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